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It always amazes me how complicated people try to make the Public Domain. Yes, there are some exceptions and yes, some things have changed, but it remains the most MASSIVE source for nearly ANY type of media content in existence. I hear arguments like:

    • It’s OLD. Who would even want to read it?
    • It’s hard to find. I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find content I can use.
    • How do I know for SURE that it's in the Public Domain?
    • I have lots of Public Domain content but don’t know what to do with it.

While these might be valid concerns (at least to the person commenting) the truth is that using Public Domain content is one of the EASIEST ways to create massive value quickly. I’ve proven it again and again! 

In “Public Domain Master Class,” we're going to cut through all the distraction and get to the core of what matters most...quality content! Here’s what to expect...

    • We’ll address the latest changes to the Public Domain and how they affect you and your ability to use
      the content you find. We’ll also discuss how those changes affect your use of sites like Amazon, Udemy,
      Etsy and more! 

    • We’re also going to expand our quest for Public Domain resources by going more in-depth for video
      and audio content.
With the high demand for quality videos, having access useable, high-quality
      content from the Public Domain is key (not to mention a LOT cheaper). 

    • And lastly, we’re going to have some fun USING Public Domain content. Some of the feedback I'm
      receiving asks how best to use Public Domain content in multiple forms and with repeatable
So we’re going to do that. After all, what good is teaching if you cannot achieve the same
      results the teacher gets?! 
Session One Training (3 Videos):
    • What “Public Domain” Means.
    • The Latest Changes and Challenges to Copyright.
    • Changes That Affect Your Use of Public Domain Content on Sites Like Amazon, Udemy and Etsy. 
    • Public Domain Resources for Video and Audio Content.
    • Remixing Public Domain Characters, Stories and More.
    • And Much More!

Session Two Training (3 Videos):
    • Turning the Treasure Trove Into Money In Your Pocket.
    • My Favorite Strategies for Selling Public Domain Content.
    • Kids…Do This At Home! Case Studies for Fun and Profit!
    • And Much More!
Today’s Investment Includes:
  • Ongoing access to the BOTH Sessions.
  • The PDFs of my Session slides.
  • Transcripts of both sessions.
  • BONUS: The full “Public Domain Profit Strategies” training. In the training, I take a book I found at an antique mall and turn it into an awesome info product! It’s a great training and the perfect compliment to the Master Class!
The “Public Domain Profit Strategies” Course Includes:

Module One Training:
    • The Case Study Book and Why I Picked It.
    • What Makes THIS Book Perfect for Product Creation.
    • The Initial Steps for Getting It Ready to Work With.
    • Creating the Derivative Work.
    • The Product Ideas.
    • And Much More!

Module Two Training:
    • Creating Our Kindle Book Layout.
    • The Cover and Repurposing the Design.
    • Designing the Background for Our Presentation.
    • Selecting the Best Content for Our Presentation.
    • Adding Support Content.
    • And Much More!
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Deborah C.

“Holy freakin’ cow Tony…you are giving us sooooo much bang for our buck!! You amaze me. Love your webinars, love your method of honest teaching, love the way you teach us all the whistles and bells to help us do a better job at whatever we tackle. You are a phenomenal Professor and we so appreciate you!” 

Sue M.

“I have earnt back from the sales of the books many many many times over for everything I have ever learnt and all the courses I have done with Tony it is sooooooo worth it....”
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